Florida man pretending to be cop pulls over undercover officer


HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. – One Florida man learned the hard way that just because you want to be a cop doesn't mean you are a cop.

Matthew Joseph Erris of Dade City (not Miami-Dade County... whew!) was arrested Tuesday for impersonating a police officer, WFLA reports.

How he was caught is what makes this truly a #FloridaMan story.

On Tuesday evening, Erris turned on red and blue flashing lights on his SUV and pulled over a car. The car was being driven by an undercover detective.


Knowing the traffic stop was odd, the detective called 911 and actual deputies showed up to take Erris into custody.

Police found a "realistic looking" airsoft pistol in Erris' SUV and had a law enforcement light bar installed in the vehicle.

Erris was arrested and released on bond while officials attempt to determine if he had committed similar moves with non-cops before.