Woman brings truck in for service, dealership takes it shopping, she 'steals' it back

FLOWOOD, Miss. – A woman who brought her truck in for service was shocked to later see it being taken shopping by a dealership employee.

But she had the last laugh as she "stole" her truck back in the store parking lot.

Last week, Penny Ivy Thompson brought the truck she calls "Big Bertha" to the Mac Haik dealership in Flowood, Mississippi, the Clarion Ledger reported.

But a short time later, she saw the truck on the highway and thought it may have just been a test drive. However, because it was tailgating another car, she decided to follow to see what was going on.

Thompson followed her truck with the dealership employee inside another two miles to a Lowe's store. As she waited in the parking lot while the employee was inside, Thompson called the dealership to ask if they knew were her truck was.

Then Thompson found her spare key and took her own truck back, leaving the employee without a way back.

Thompson drove back to the dealership to confront management and was told she'd get free service, as long as she didn't post the story to social media.

That didn't happen.

"Do not mess with my family, my animals, my money, or my truck. Nobody drives Big Bertha like that. Nobody." she posted to Facebook.

The dealership later posted a full apology and said the employee had been fired and the service manager was suspended.