Miami man injures hand while chasing off would-be intruder

Man says he jumped out second-floor window trying to catch uninvited visitor

MIAMI – A Miami man injured his hand Wednesday morning while trying to chase after a would-be burglar.

Miami police Officer Michael Vega said the resident called 911 about 2:30 a.m. to report that someone was trying to break into his apartment through a second-floor window.

The man told Local 10 News that he woke up to the sound of someone trying to get inside, so he jumped out the window and chased after the would-be intruder.

"When I raised the curtain, I saw him there. I tried to grab him by his feet, but it was too late," Roberto Marquez said in Spanish. 

Marquez couldn't catch the prowler, who got away before police arrived.

Marquez injured his left hand during the incident. It was bandaged when Local 10 News reporter Parker Branton arrived to speak with him.

He later told Local 10's Sanela Sabovic that he is still in pain and is scared after the ordeal.

Surveillance video from a neighbor's home shows a man running from the scene. Police said they canvassed the area, but came up empty-handed.

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