Child abuse calls rise on Saturdays following report card release on Friday, study shows


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – A shocking new study shows a direct correlation between the rise of child abuse cases the day after report cards are released at schools.

The University of Florida study showed that cases of physical child abuse cases on a Saturday following a Friday report card release were more than four times that of any other Saturday

In the study, nearly 167,900 cases of abuse over 265 days, from Sept. 2015 through May 30, 2016, were studied and cross-checked with the release dates of report cards. Researchers found 1,943 cases of verified child abuse on the Saturday following Friday report cards.

"What we found is, only when it comes out on Fridays do we see the spike in calls on Saturday, which is a little surprising." said University of Florida research scientist Melissa Bright, according to WTVT. "We didn't necessarily expect that. we're not really sure why. It kind of opens up a lot more opportunities for the next questions to answer."