Woman creates bulletproof hoodies for all ages due to widespread shootings

EAST PALO ALTO, Calif. – A woman whose neighbor was shot and killed in an attempted robbery has started a company that makes bulletproof hoodies to keep people of all ages safe.

The California company, Wonder Hoodie, produces the bulletproof protection in smaller sizes for young children and teens after the rash of school shootings in the U.S.

Vy Tran, 25, says she came up with the idea after her neighbor was killed in front of their home and she couldn't find protective gear for her mother or brother.

Wonder Hoodie products meet the requirements for body armor by the National Institute of Justice. The company also sells bulletproof jean jackets, vests and other accessories, reports KTRK.

All of the company's bulletproof products can protect people from weapons such as a .44 magnum.

"We only use dupont kevlar and a newer version of their kevlar, called kevlar xp," said Tran. "They're rated as 3A, which is the highest level of protection you can get from soft body armor." 

Tran says one man bought a hoodie for his wife, who is a teacher. Another customer bought one to feel safe to go to the movies.