Buy a home in Sicily for only $2


SICILY, ITALY – Forget about visiting the beautiful towns on the historic Italian island of Sicily, why not just live there for cheap?

Homes in Sicilian towns are currently selling for as little as $2 as the government hopes to repopulate the area while also bringing in people to refurbish the homes.

The Municipality of Mussomeli is begging those from all over the world to move to their town which sits near famous sites such as Manfredi's Castle and the the temples of Argrigento, reports KABC.

However, if you do take the town up on their offer, know that buyers must renovate the homes within three years.

Also, most of the homes do not have electricity or other amenities that many in the modern world have grown accustomed.

However, if you're looking to live the laid-back Italian lifestyle, here's your chance to do it on the cheap.