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Social media service disruptions in Venezuela target National Assembly, Guaidó says

NetBlocks reports Venezuelan disruptions on YouTube, Periscope

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MIAMI – During Juan Guaidó's speech at the National Assembly Tuesday, Venezuelan users of YouTube, Twitter's Periscope and Google and Bing services experienced disruptions, activists with NetBlocks reported

NetBlocks, a nonpartisan group advocating for digital rights, reported there is technical evidence of targeted censorship that is consistent with previous methods used to block online content by supporters of embattled President Nicolás Maduro.

Guaidó believes the service disruptions are to target the opposition. He also wrote on Twitter that the censorship is a sign that Maduro's regime is weak. 

"They attack the media, militarize the National Assembly to prevent journalists from walking in," Guaidó wrote. "They censor, take away paper, shut down radio and television stations and they remove access to the Internet."

The National Assembly met on Tuesday in Caracas to address Venezuelans' struggle with gas shortages and to reject the May 20, 2018 elections


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