Swimming pools contain up to 3 oz. of urine per person, doctor says

(Associated Press)

MIAMI – If you're excited to spend your summer relaxing in the pool, you may want to read this first.

A doctor says that most swimming pools contain one to three ounces of urine per person... that's right, per person.

Dr. Anessa Alappatt of Premier Health in Dayton claims the chlorine you smell when approaching a pool is not always a good thing.

"The odor that you smell in a public pool, is not the chlorine, but it's the chlorine reacting with all the urine in the pool." Alappatt told WKEF.

Almost 40 percent of adults have admitted to urinating in the pool, but most bacteria from urine is killed in seconds due to the chlorine.

However, it can up to a week for the bacteria from stool to be destroyed.

"That's why you should take a shower afterward." said Alappatt.