Teen's arrest ends countywide vehicle theft investigation

Albert Darias last of 3 suspects arrested in crime ring, police chief says

Albert Darias was among two others arrested in connection with a series of vehicle thefts throughout Miami-Dade County.

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – The North Bay Village Police detectives who were working to find a vehicle that was stolen from Harbor Island ended up taking down a crew of thieves.

Police Chief Carlos Noriega said the recent arrests of Albert Darias, Johan Valido and Luis Barquineris-Linares closed dozens of cases within Miami-Dade County. 

The investigation began May 16 at 7915 East Drive, and it ended Thursday with Daria's arrest. The charges against the trio are pending. 

Darias, 18, has three pending cases in Miami-Dade County court. He is facing grand theft auto, possession of drug paraphernalia and loitering charges. He was at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center Thursday night for violating his probation.

Records show Barquineris-Linares, 20, also has a pending April 26 loitering case.

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