Woman tells survival story after Domincan Republic vacation attack

(Tammy Lawrence-Daley / Facebook)

WILMINGTON, Del. – An American woman who was attacked while on vacation in the Dominican Republic shared her story of survival.

Tammy Lawrence-Daley traveled to the Dominican from Delaware in January with her husband and family, KABC reports.

On the second night of the trip while staying at the all-inclusive Majestic Elegance resort, Lawrence-Daley left her room in the evening to grab a snack.

As she was walking to another of the resort's buildings, Lawrence-Daley says she heard footsteps and was then pummelled by a man wearing a resort uniform.

"He just plowed into my back and I remember the grunt he made when he hit me. It's in my nightmares," she says.

Lawrence-Daley says she was strangled mutliple times, kicked in the head and beaten with a club over the course of eight hours in a resort basement. Following the attack, the man dropped her body in an area she called "the hole."

During her disapperance, Lawrence-Daley's husband and friends allegedly spoke to hotel security at least three times before they began a search as resort officials believed she was simply drunk somewhere.

Lawrence-Daley was eventually found and suffered a broken orbital, broken hand, nerve damage and other injuries. She has undergone numerous surgeries since the attack.

Police found blood-smeared on a mop handle and hate inside the area where she was found.

Lawrence-Daley is warning others about feeling secure when staying at resorts.

"It's not safe. Not safe for women to walk alone, walk with somebody else."