Fort Lauderdale man kidnapped, assaulted tourist, police say

Ainsworth McGregor booked on numerous charges

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – A Fort Lauderdale man was arrested after he allegedly kidnapped and tried to sexually assault a tourist last month.

Ainsworth Jerome McGregor, 23, was charged on numerous counts, including armed kidnapping, attempted sexual battery, attempted murder and grand theft.

After McGregor and the victim had met earlier in the week and discussed purchasing drugs, police say McGregor picked up the woman from her Fort Lauderdale Beach hotel on May 15 and drove her to an isolated area in the woods and prevented her from leaving the car.

When the victim refused McGregor's sexual advances, he said "don't make me do this" and pulled out a gun.

McGregor then allegedly made the victim remove her clothes and demanded she perform oral sex at gunpoint.

A struggle ensued after the victim was able to reach for the gun. The weapon did not have a round chambered when she attempted to fire the weapon, authorities said. Police said McGregor had removed the magazine from the gun. 

The victim escaped out of the driver's door and began to run into the woods, but was soon grabbed by McGregor who threatened to kill her, police said.

The arrest report claims McGregor repeatedly strangled the woman, causing her to stop breathing at least five times.

After 10-15 minutes, McGregor ran out of the woods, leaving his gun behind, authorities said.

A passerby found the woman naked from the waist down and covered in mud wearing only one of her boots.

Video survelliance from the victim's hotel was able to identify McGregor's car and the woman was able to ID her alleged attacker in a photo lineup.

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