Another American woman dies on vacation in Dominican Republic

Leyla Cox, 53, died of heart attack

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic – Another American has died while vacationing in the Dominican Republic, joining six other U.S. citizens who have died in the country since January.

Leyla Cox, 53, of New York died of an apparent heart attack on June 10, just two days before she was scheduled to return home.

Cox, who was found in her hotel room, was travelling solo to the Dominican Republic despite pleas from her family warning her not to go alone.

Cox's son William says no toxicology report was ordered after his mother's autopsy due to no red flags being found, reports.

Despite the autopsy that ruled Cox's death a heart attack, William remains skeptical after all the recent deaths on the island.

“I have a right to be suspicious,” he told

Cox's wish was to be cremated. Once her family picks up her ashes, they plan to carry out her final wish, which was to have the ashes spread over the Florida Keys.