South Florida doctor arrested after dispensing meth to patients, DEA says

Dr. Jacob McClean faces federal drug charges

A Pembroke Pines psychiatrist is accused of using and dealing methamphetamine to patients.

MIAMI – A South Florida doctor has been arrested on federal drug charges.

Dr. Jacob McClean, 36, appeared in federal court Monday in Miami.

The Pembroke Pines psychiatrist was arrested Friday by Drug Enforcement Administration agents.

Federal authorities said McClean was illegally dispensing and using methamphetamine.

"Doctors are not supposed to prescribe methamphetamine under any circumstances (to) patients," DEA spokeswoman Anne-Judith Lambert told Local 10 News. "It's not done under a normal course of action. This doctor was doing that and he shouldn't have been doing it."

Lambert said McClean was also writing prescriptions "for medications that are not medically necessary and are also illegal."

She said undercover agents purchased "very large qualities of methamphetamine" from McClean.

A receptionist at McClean's Flamingo Road office said he was never there and just served his clients virtually.

McClean, who surrendered his license to write prescriptions in March, is being held on a $150,000 surety bond. He appeared in court without a lawyer, asked for a public defender and is expected back in court Friday.