South Florida Haitian communities fear upcoming roundups by ICE agents

Trump announces millions of migrants in US illegally will be deported

NORTH MIAMI, Fla. – Earlier this week, President Donald Trump tweeted that he's planning to deport millions of migrants who are in the country illegally. 

And now, some communities in South Florida are watching closely to see what will happen next. 

The streets were silent Wednesday in South Florida's predominantly Haitian communities, like North Miami, where there is fear about the days ahead.

"People are in a panic mode because of the decision of the Trump administration to deport 1 million people. It has sent people in panic mode," human rights activist Marlene Bastien said.

Bastien said her phone has been ringing nonstop since Trump announced that Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents will soon conduct massive roundups of illegal immigrants who will then be deported. 

"Throwing a big large net like that is really irresponsible, inhumane and reckless, because just because you are placed on deportation proceeding, doesn't mean you have done anything wrong," Bastien said.

To check your immigration status, contact the U.S. Justice Department at 1-800- 898-7180.

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