Couch catches fire at duplex in Miami

Woman displaced from home


MIAMI – One resident has been displaced after a couch caught fire Sunday at a duplex in Miami.

The fire was reported in the area of Northwest 43rd Street and 18th Avenue.

The tenant told Local 10 News reporter Madeleine Wright that she woke up when she smelled smoke, but it was too dark and she couldn't find where it was coming from, so she called Miami Fire Rescue.

Firefighters told her to evacuate the house, which the woman initially didn't think she needed to do, but did anyway. 

The woman said she was glad she did, because she could have died. 

When she realized her couch was on fire, she tried to put water on it, but that didn't help. 

She is now displaced because of the damage to her home. 

The adjacent units in the duplex were not affected because the fire department responded quickly and extinguished the flames.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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