Florida woman dies after contracting flesh-eating bacteria, family says

(Wade Fleming / Facebook)

ELLENTON, Fla. – A Florida woman has died of a flesh-eating bacteria two weeks after cutting her leg on the beach, her family says.

Lynn Fleming died Wednesday after being put on life support after contracting the bacteria known as necrotizing fasciitis, WTVT reports.

Fleming's family says she cut her let after falling as she was walking Coquina Beach on Anna Maria Island on the west coast of Florida.

The family says they didn't think much of the cut as it was so small. A couple days later, Fleming went to the doctor and received a tetanus shot.

However, the day after seeing the doctor Fleming was found unconscious in her home.

Doctors said she had contracted necrotizing fasciitis and performed multiple surgeries on the infected leg in attempts to save her life. But during the surgeries, Fleming suffered two strokes and sepsis.

Fleming was reportedly surrounded by her son and daughter-in-law when she died.

Wade Fleming and his wife Traci are now warning others about the dangers of necrotizing fasciitis and to look for the signs, especially if you're cut while at the beach.