Little Havana musical group to march in NYC WorldPride parade

MIAMI – La Comparsa, the colorful musical group behind Little Havana's Gay8 Festival, is on the road this weekend to take part in the WorldPride events in New York City.

"We are the largest Latino Latin x festival in the nation." says Gay8 founder Damian Pardo. "So we have to represent.”

The group rehearsed in South Florida before heading up to march in Sunday's parade.

“To be part of that in a global perspective, representing South Florida, Miami, which is one of the most unique communities that exists on the planet, because of our diversity is incredible," adds Pardo. "And Gay8 Festival is the perfect entity to be there because we are all about diversity and inclusion.”

And festival organizers have felt the love and support from those who work and live in Little Havana.

"As a community, we should support them." says Yenet Farinas, a local busines owner. "Business has been much better with them. Little Havana has been much better with them around."

Now, the Gay8 Festival will bring their Little Havana flavor to the Big Apple and join the call to action.

"It just seems to be a lot more hatred in the world right now." says Gay8's Jonathan Casanas. "Our human rights, our gay rights in particular, are in jeopardy,”

Those rights are in jeopardy not just for those traveling to New York City, but for the LGBTQ community around the world.

"When our seniors are concerned about going to nursing homes because someone may refuse to treat them, and you’re watching older people in our community go back into the closet at 80, 85 there is a very large reversal in this country." Pardo finishes. "It’s not talked about a lot but it should be and people should understand that.”

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