It's now your right to plant fruits, veggies in your front lawn

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – A new law that went into effect Monday in Florida gives residents the right to plant fruits and vegetables in their own front lawns.

The law has been years in the making for a Miami Shores family embattled with local government since 2013.

Hermine Ricketts and Tom Carroll were told by the City of Miami Shores that their front yard garden they had tended for two decades was prohibited by law.

The couple had to uproot everything to avoid getting served with daily fines from the city. They filed a lawsuit, but Florida's Third District Court of Appeals ruled in favor of Miami Shores.

But when Gov. Ron DeSantis signed S-B 82 into law, it meant that local governments could no longer ban homeowners from growing vegetation on their propery.

"It shouldn't have taken this long and it really shouldn't have happend at all, but here we are." said Ari Bargil of the Institute for Justice. "For cities that want to regulate like de facto homeowners associations, this law is now on the books and it's going to prevent them from respect for people growing what they want to eat."

With no more fear of fines, Ricketts and Carroll, along with others in the community who have supported their efforts, planted peppers, tomatoes and squash Monday in front of their home.

"I am just pleased to be here, to know that all the people in the state can benefit from my six years of stress," said Ricketts.

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