Man accused of beating estranged wife, holding her at gunpoint

Victim's two daughters were home during portion of incident, police say

Adam Ahamad, 33, is accused of beating his estranged wife and threatening her with a gun inside her Pembroke Pines home.

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. – A man was arrested early Monday morning after he beat his estranged wife and held her at gunpoint inside her Pembroke Pines home, authorities said.

Adam Ahamad, 33, faces charges of contempt of court for violating a domestic violence injunction, assault, aggravated battery, kidnapping/false imprisonment, firing a weapon in public of on residential property, burglary, larceny, cruelty toward a child and possession of alprazolam.

According to an arrest report, Ahamad entered his wife's home in the Cobblestone community on Southwest 146th Terrace and Ninth Street shortly before 3 a.m. Monday and entered the code to deactivate the alarm system.

Police said Ahamad stole his wife's revolver from her purse in the kitchen and was confronted by her as he stood near the bottom of the stairs.

The victim yelled at Ahamad to leave her home, but he refused and started walking upstairs to the master bedroom, authorities said.

According to the arrest report, Ahamad asked the victim how long she had been seeing another man and threatened to shoot her if she didn't tell him.

Police said the victim told her estranged husband that she had only begun seeing another man after they had separated.

Ahamad then struck his wife multiple times in the face with the revolver, authorities said. Police said he also struck her in the knees and kicked her in the stomach as she was on the floor.

According to the arrest report, Ahamad fired three shots into a wall during the incident in an effort to intimidate the victim.

Police said the victim's two daughters were woken up by the commotion and Ahamad ordered them to go downstairs.

Authorities said the victim was able to notify Ahamad's father about his presence and the man went to the home and safely removed the girls from the house while alerting police about the incident.

Police said the girls had been inside the home when one of the three shots was fired.

According to the report, Ahamad eventually asked the victim to walk him out of the home, so she walked him to the front door and then closed the door and locked it after he stepped outside.

Police said Ahamad left the area in a white Lexus G350 and was pulled over by police a short time later. A blue pill, suspected to be alprazolam, was found inside his car, authorities said.

Ahamad was arrested and taken to the main Broward County jail.

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