Father kills teen he accused of getting his daughter hooked on drugs


NEW CASTLE, Pa. – A man walked up to the teen he believed had gotten his daughter hooked on drugs and shot him to death in a parking lot.

Police say Michael D'Biagio, 41, of New Castle (Pa.) was still holding the gun he used to shoot 17-year-old Darren Jevcak when they arrived at the scene.

D'Biagio admitted to shooting Jevack multiple times Friday because he was the reason why his teen daughter was hooked on "drugs and coke," the New York Post reports.

According to police, D'Biagio said his daughter was sneaking out of the house to smoke marijuana and use cocaine with Jevack, her boyfriend.

D'Biagio confronted his daughter and went home to get his gun. He then went to the pizza restaurant where Jevack worked and shot him while he was leaving through the back door.

After shooting Jevack in the arm, D'Biagio said he continue to shoot the boy "so that he could put (him) out of his misery." the police report states.

D'Biagio was charged with criminal homicide and aggravated assault.