South Florida hot tub becomes 'Porta-Potty' for iguanas

Mike Kimmel shares video of lizard leftovers on his Instagram account

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – A West Palm Beach couple's hot tub was recently transformed into a "Porta-Potty" for iguanas.

At least that's how Mike Kimmel described it on his Instagram account.

Kimmel, who owns Martin County Trappings & Removals, documented the mess left behind by the invasive lizards.

"Disgusting," he said in the video.

Kimmel, who goes by the Instagram handle "pythoncowboy," shared the video this week, writing that the "poor old lady and her husband have been terrorized by these iguanas long enough."

The Instagram video shows the murky brown water filled with feces. The swimming pool adjacent to the hot tub appeared undisturbed.

So what inspired these unwanted guests to relieve themselves in the warm water?

"They're cold-blooded. They like to warm up," Kimmel told WPTV. "They come out in the sun to warm up, you know. Maybe they're going for a late-night dip and recharging."