Cop who accused McDonald's employee of taking bite of burger admits he did it

INDIANAPOLIS – A week ago, a police officer accused of a McDonald's employee of taking a bite of his hamburger because he worked for law enforcement. Now the cop says he actually took the bite.

The Marion County Sheriff's Office announced the mix-up Friday, saying the officer named DJ simply forgot he had taken a bite out of the sandwich before putting it in the refrigerator before his shift.

WTHR reports DJ, who eats regularly at the Indianapolis McDonald's location, suspected someone had eaten part of the hamburger before it was sold.

"I started to warm up my McChicken and I noticed several small bites." DJ told WTHR last week. "I know I didn't eat it. No one else was around. I said, 'You know what? I am going to the McDonald's to see if they can get that taken care of."

"I went to the McDonald's and talked to the supervisor. She offered me some free food I didn't care anything about. I just wanted to find out who the person was and they deal with that person in an appropriate way."

However, after an investigation, the sheriff's department announced DJ was mistaken and "wrongly concluded that a McDonald’s restaurant employee had tampered with his food because he is a law enforcement officer."  

"The investigation has determined that McDonald’s restaurant staff in no way tampered with the employee’s food. He has since formally apologized to McDonald’s. We recognize that McDonald’s is a valued civic partner, and any insinuation in private or in the media to the contrary is unfounded.”