Gunshot fired after alleged Bigfoot sighting at national park

Not an actual picture of the Bigfoot incident at national park

MAMMOTH CAVE, Ky. – Quick! Someone make sure the Loch Ness Monster is safe.

Officials in Kentucky are investigating after a gunshot was fired during an alleged Bigfoot sighting inside a national park.

A spokesperson said rangers at Mammoth Cave National Park responded to the campsite at 2 a.m. Sunday after the incident, WKRN reports.

Another camper said a man and his son were "investigating" after he claimed something had destroyed his campsite and that he heard strange noises.

The man said the area was known as "Bigfoot Country."

According to the witness, the man had a gun and said if they heard gunshots, they should run. The witness and his girlfriend heard at least one gunshot.

When the man returned, he said Bigfoot had approached him and his soon, forcing him to fire his weapon.

The witness and his girlfriend immediately left the backcountry campsite.

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