3 men steal $1.2 million in valuables from safes in Coconut Grove home

Homeowners offer $25,000 reward for information about culprits, return of items

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MIAMI – Three men were captured on surveillance video burglarizing a home in Miami's Coconut Grove neighborhood, and the homeowners are offering a hefty reward for information that leads authorities to the culprits.

According to private investigator David Bolton, who is working with local authorities to find the stolen items as well as the burglars, the thieves broke into the home around 9 p.m. July 27.

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The homeowners, who have been together for 30 years, told Local 10 News reporter Liane Morejon that they were out of town when the burglary occurred. 

Bolton said in a news release that the thieves cut through a chain-link fence and scaled a 7-foot concrete wall to enter the property before using specialized equipment to remove two safes that were bolted to the floor.

The safes, which were located in the homeowners' closets, reportedly contained more than $1.2 million in valuables, including multiple pieces of jewelry. 

The victims said each safe weighed about 150 pounds. 

Courtesy: Bolton Investigations Inc.

Surveillance video shows the thieves leaving in a white SUV. 

The homeowners are offering a $25,000 reward for information that leads authorities to any of the culprits or the recovery of the stolen items.

Anyone with further information is asked to call David Bolton Investigations at 305-447-0888 or email boltonpi@cs.com.

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