Man trashes Hollywood convenience store after being denied alcohol

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – A man who was denied alcohol went on a rampage last week, trashing a Hollywood convenience store in the process.

The man and another person went inside the Chevron gas station at 2730 Sheridan Street to purchase alcohol on Aug. 1. 

Believing the men were already be intoxicated, the store clerk refused to serve them additional alcohol.

One of the men begins to take items off store shelves and throw them on the ground. After the suspect leaves the store, he reentered and punched the clerk before exiting once again.

The clerk, Lawrence Marable, was in disbelief about what occurred.

"Shocked. Shocked that these guys would destroy the store like they were," said Marable. "Especially grown men. You expect that from some teenagers.

Hollywood police say the store suffered more than $1,000 in damage.

The men were seen leaving in a silver Ford F-150 with a sticker that reads "Sonia's Roofing."

Anyone with information on the men is asked to call the Hollywood police at 954-764-4357 or 954-967-4411. Those looking to leave a tip can also email authorities at hollywoodpdtips@hollywoodfl.org.

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