Miami-Dade County schools to serve up healthy, hearty lunch options this year

District to serve about 256,000 meals a day

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – Miami-Dade County Public Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho met with over 350 food service managers Monday ahead of the school year to unveil new food programs and services, including healthier items with fruits and vegetables. 

"We're going to have different items for the kids because they started getting tired of the old stuff, so there will be something new for the new year," Eugenia Kumbiliua told Local 10 News. 

Carvalho said the district will serve about 256,000 meals a day, often to students who may not have another meal.

"There are so many homeless kids in our community -- 9,000 school-age homeless children. They need to be fed every single day. Let's make sure they get to school on time," Carvalho said. "Seventy-five percent of our children live at or below the poverty level. Their dignity needs to be respected, therefore we serve them breakfast for free."

This year, the schools will be offering fish filet sandwiches, chicken nuggets and new salad bars. There will also be new vegetarian and vegan options, including veggie patties, veggie nuggets and smoothies.

"They love the salad bar," Nachalle Williams said. "They get to choose whatever they want and we have it full and we run out. We have to keep replenishing."

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