Drivers, residents deal with major flooding in southwest Miami-Dade County

Rain dumped more than 6 inches of water, creating major flooding

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – Rain dumped more than 6 inches of water, creating major flooding in southwest Miami-Dade County.

Some people found creative ways to navigate through all the standing water, with others not faring too well.

"A lady was stuck with her little girl. Got her out and I came through here and stopped right here out of the water and everything, which was kind of embarrassing," Anthony Macarthur said.

Drivers got stranded along Southwest 117th Avenue and 122nd Street, waiting to get towed.

"I'm guessing I got water in the battery, water intake," Macarthur said.

A man in an SUV started to drive through standing water but decided against it, seeing the other cars stuck.

"The backyard is probably 5 or 6 inches," resident Joe Serra said. "It's starting to come up to the doorstep."

Not too far away, residents in the Glenn Cove neighborhood along Southwest 102nd Street saw water seeping into their garages and backyards. Some are worried about sustaining damage to their properties.

"It's damaging the side. All the stuff I had against the wall in the garage are all damaged," Serra said. "I had about 10 boxes of books. They are all wet right now, so they have to be thrown out. So yeah, it's a pain."

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