Woman burns down man's house after he calls for sex, but fell asleep

WOODBURY, N.J. – When Taija Russell got a call from a man to come over for sex, she wasn't happy when she showed up and he was asleep.

So she burned down his house. Allegedly.

Russell, 29, was arrested for torching the unnamed man's New Jersey home on the morning of August 4.

According to police, the man called Russell for some late night sex, but when she arrived at his house he was fast asleep.

The Daily Mail reports Russell then went to a gas station to buy lighter fluid, matches and a lighter.

She returned to the man's house and is accused of starting a fire outside his door just after 4 a.m.

After waking to find his home in flames, the man ran to a nearby police station, who then alerted the fire department.

The house was completely destroyed, while the man was taken to the hospital to be treated for first and second degree burns.

Russell was later arrested for attempted murder, aggravated arson, and endangering and criminal mischief.