Woman bothered by something in ear, it was just a really big spider

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Why on Earth would there be a story about a woman who visited the doctor because she thought she had water in her ear?

Oh, maybe because it wasn't water, but a highly venomous spider.

Susie Torres went to the doctor in Kansas City to find out what was bothering her, but it was a medical assistant who found the real problem, KSHB report.

The assistant ran out of the room without telling Torres what she found. When she returned with others, a doctor removed a brown recluse spider.

Torres was lucky as the spider did not bite her, but those who feel the pain of a brown recluse bite can suffer from itching, muscle pain and fever.

Torres says she'll be better prepared for sleep in the future. 

"I went and put some cotton balls in my ear last night, because I did not have any ear plugs," said Torres. "I'm pretty terrified of spiders."