Will firing of John Bolton affect US policy toward Cuba, Venezuela?

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – It's no secret that newly fired national security advisor John Bolton was a hawk when it came to U.S. relations with Cuba and Venezuela. 

He advised the president on policy that often resulted in tougher sanctions for both countries. 

Just a couple days ago in Cuba, there was a cut in remittances. 

In Venezuela, there are sanctions that ban American people from dealing with the Venezuelan government. 

"In a sense, it's not good news for us," Ernesto Ackerman, who heads the Independent Venezuelan-American Citizens organization, told Local 10 News about Bolton's firing. "Venezuela is not an easy situation."

Ackerman said there is no easy solution because he describes Venezuela as a narco-state run by terrorists and said we should be concerned.

"With Mr. Bolton or without Mr. Bolton, I think the administration as a whole is still going to be very strong against the narco trafficker Maduro," he said. 

But there is concern from Cuba expert and retired University of Miami professor Andy Gomez over U.S. policy in Venezuela and Cuba. 

"Under this administration, foreign policy is created on whims," Gomez said. 

Gomez said we live in a very complex world where this kind of move by the president creates instability within our government, as well as our allies and foes. 

"I'm not sure the decision that this president makes on any of our foreign policy is based on educated information he receives from his principals," Gomez said. 

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