Miami man claims porch pirate stole his identity

MIAMI – A South Florida man says a porch pirate got away with more than just a package. 

He claims the crook stole his identity to make a purchase.

The incident was captured on home surveillance camera. 

You can see the man outside the home's gate, walking up to a UPS delivery truck. He is able to get the UPS driver to give him the package before quickly leaving the area. 

This all happened outside a home in Miami along Southwest 14th Street and 29th Avenue.

The victim says he hasn't recently placed an order and was not expecting a delivery. 

Now, he's concerned the situation could be worse than a stolen package. 

"Someone apparently knew the delivery time and all that, and was here right before the UPS truck came," Reinol Hernandez said. "He went up to the UPS driver and requested that package. I couldn't hear exactly what was said, my camera didn't pick up that conversation, but the UPS driver just gave him the package without any identification."

Hernandez has since filed a police report, claiming someone used his name and personal information to buy a new phone.

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