Invasive Burmese python targets white pelican in Everglades

UF biologists stumble upon scene while surveying for endangered species

Photo taken by Matthew Dickey.

FLORIDA EVERGLADES – The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is once again warning people about the effects the invasive Burmese python is having on the state's native wildlife after a large python was photographed constricting a white pelican in the Everglades.

According to the FWC, biologists from the University of Florida came upon the scene while surveying for endangered species in the Everglades.

"With a nine-foot wingspan, they are one of the largest bird species in the Sunshine State," the FWC posted on social media.

The pelican in the photo didn't survive the attack.

FWC officials said people can help with the python situation by joining the Python Action Team Removing Invasion Constrictors (PATRIC).

Applicants must meet certain requirements but, if they are accepted into the program, they will be paid to remove pythons and turn them into the FWC.

Anyone, however, can win a prize for removing and humanely killing pythons that are found on private and participating public properties throughout Florida. 

Click here to learn more about PATRIC and the Python Pickup Program. 

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