Man speaks to Local 10 News about confrontation with Miami police officers

Emanuel Williams says officer smacked phone out of hand, punched him

MIAMI – A Miami man who recorded a confrontation with several police officers over the weekend that ended in his arrest spoke to Local 10 News on Thursday.

Emanuel Williams said he never expected this to happen to him.

"I didn't commit any type of violent acts, so their actions were not justified at all," he said about the Miami police officers. 

Williams said he was the latest victim of a police response that didn't fit the crime that was committed.

The cellphone video was taken on Saturday when City of Miami police officers were called to escort Williams' ex-girlfriend to their apartment so she could get some of her things.

But when Williams showed up at the apartment, he got upset, authorities said.

According to his arrest affidavit, he was screaming and yelling and then pulled out his phone when officers started talking to him.

"I just started recording them, their IDs, their badges, their license plates and whatnot," Williams said. 

Williams sounded worked up in the video before one officer warns him to move the phone further away.

After that, the officers told him to go across the street, which he does, but that's when things escalated.

"He knocked the phone out of my hand (and) said I was going to jail," Williams said. 

Williams claims he was also punched by the officer who knocked the phone out of his hand, but you can't see that in the video, since the phone is on the ground at that point.

Williams was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and resisting an officer without violence, both of which are misdemeanors. 

A Miami Police Department spokeswoman said Internal Affairs is reviewing the video.

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