Strangers caught having sex in woman's Key West yard

KEY WEST, Fla. – Key West residents are known to be welcoming to all who visit their slice of paradise, but things got a little out of control this week.

When a woman went to investigate a disturbance in her front yard Monday, she instead found two strangers having sex against the wall of her home.

The Smoking Gun reports Teresa Ann Behan, 49, and Stephen James Dean, 36, were the couple getting it on at the home just a few blocks from the water.

Police claim both Behan and Dean appeared to be intoxicated, and that when asked what they were doing, Behan admitted they were having sex in the yard.

Behan went a step further and then kicked and punched one of the officers on the scene.

Both were arrested for indecent exposure and trespassing, while Behan was charged with felonies for attacking the officers.

Dean was also charged with threatening to kill the officers.