VIDEO: Hotel clerk grabs robber's gun, turns the tables

PADUCAH, Ky. – A quick-thinking hotel clerk was able to turn the tables on a robber by stealing the man's gun and giving him a scare of his own.

Cory Phillips, 26, targeted the Country Inn and Suites in Paducah (Ky.) to rob on Monday night, but his plan quickly went awry, according to WITI.

After the clerk threw the money Phillips demanded onto the counter, he put his gun down while stuffing the cash into a plastic bag. That's when the clerk made her move.

Grabbing the gun, she pointed it at Phillips who immediately fled the hotel lobby. But after having second thoughts, Phillips returned to the hotel where the clerk once again threatened him with his own gun.

Phillips left for good but was caught the following day with a computer that had been reported stolen from a prior home burglary. 

Phillips was charged with robbery and receiving stolen property.