Teen girl shot accidentally by Uber driver while riding as his passenger

Uber driver's gun accidentally goes off, shooting passenger in foot

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – A South Florida teenager is recovering after being shot accidentally by her Uber driver. 

That 15-year-old girl left Memorial Regional hospital Monday surrounded by flowers and balloons. 

The bullet that hit Bailey Braun went through her ankle and exited her heel, the girl's mother told Local 10 News. 

Bailey said she and her boyfriend were at his home in Pembroke Pines when they ordered an Uber to take them back to Aventura. 

On the way, Bailey said the driver had to pick up another ride. 

"The (driver) was going to move his gun, and it went off," Bailey said. "We just hear like a big pop, and then we heard ringing in our ears."

She said that at first, she didn't feel anything. 

"I didn't know I got shot at first," she said. "When I moved my foot, I just saw blood coming out. (The driver) was like 'I'm sorry, I didn't know if went off.' I knew it was a gun when he said that."

Bailey's boyfriend, Alcy Zaldivar, was in the car and remembers when she started screaming.

"'I got shot. I got shot,'" he recalls hearing. "Then the (driver) came around and was freaking out, grabbing his head and he was just like 'I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry.'"

Bailey said thankfully, they were near the Hollywood Police Station so one of the passengers they were picking up went inside to get help.

"I needed pain medicine, it really hurt," she said. "It's numb, but at the same time it burns and it's just like pulsing."

Artists Ebony Noir and Genesis Smalls were the passengers waiting for the Uber. 

Noir called 911 before taking pictures and video as rescue workers arrived. 

"Once I saw that blood, I'm like, 'Really? Really?'" said Noir.

It would be quite the jarring experience for anyone expecting to just climb into their Uber. 

Smalls said he wants some accountability for the incident. 

"For not telling us there was a gun there, Uber should be held responsible," he said.  

An Uber spokesperson told Local 10 News, "This is deeply troubling and our thoughts are with the rider and her family as she recovers. We have removed the driver’s access to the app and will work with law enforcement."

Uber has a strict weapons policy, stating drivers and riders are prohibited from carrying firearms of any kind while using the app.

According to Uber's Community Guidelines, account holders must be over the age of 18 to use the app and must accompany minors. 

Police said the driver will not be charged. The driver, police said, has a concealed weapons permit and they’re ruling the incident an accident.

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