Video shows man allegedly assaulting woman on Fort Lauderdale Water Taxi

Man seen pushing woman, throwing her phone into the water

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – A woman claims she was assaulted during an altercation on a Fort Lauderdale Water Taxi this weekend, with video capturing the entire incident.

In the video taken Sunday and shared exclusively with Local 10 News, a man can be seen pushing the woman down against the side of the boat and then throwing her phone into the water.

"He's pushing me down with his body with his elbow, like, to my neck, and it was very terrifying," the woman, who only identified herself as Szuszann, said. "He could've broken my neck."

The man can be heard shouting an expletive before tossing the phone overboard and then walking away.

The argument between Szuszann's group and the man on the video began over space on the water taxi.

"It's very traumatizing," Szuszann told Local 10.

Szuszann, who was in town visiting South Florida, filed a police report over the incident and hopes the man who assaulted her is brought to justice. 

"A coward hits a woman, you know, and then runs away like this," she said.

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