Teen faces aggravated battery charges after brawl at Coconut Creek High School

'I just blacked out when I hit my head,' teen says

COCONUT CREEK, Fla. – Video captured Thursday afternoon at Coconut Creek High School shows two 15-year-old students in a fistfight.

Both students can be seen punching one another. But at one point, a boy in a white T-shirt body slams and punches the other, who was wearing red pants. 

Family members identified the teen who was punched as Christian Williams. He said he did not remember being struck after he was thrown to the ground.

"I just blacked out when I hit my head," he said.

When Williams regained consciousness in the clinic, he said he was told he was seriously injured.

"They were just telling me I had to go to the hospital because the back of my head was bleeding," he said.

The other teen was arrested and faces a charge of aggravated battery, according to Coconut Creek police.

Cynthia Williams, the victim's mother, said she saw the videos circulating on social media before she arrived at Northwest Medical Center in Margate where he was transported.

The Broward County school district released a statement reading, in part:

"School administrators and the school resource officer responded immediately to bring the situation under control ... the school continues to work with law enforcement in its ongoing investigation."

"They didn't do anything. Where were they? That's my question," Cynthia Williams said. "I have so many questions and nobody can answer me."

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