After months of recovery, Pompano Beach man struck by lightning to be released from hospital

Doctors did not think Nick Williams would survive

MIAMI – A South Florida man who was struck by lightning while in his wheelchair is talking about his life-altering experience. 

Nick Williams has spent 95 days in a hospital. 

He's been in and out of the intensive care unit, getting intense therapy, and now he's finally ready to go home. 

Just three months ago, Williams was struck by lightning and rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital's Ryder Trauma Center, unconscious and with burns to his head, shoulders and chest. 

His wheelchair was left charred. Doctors did not think he would survive. 

"Being in the hospital for as long as I have, it's an uphill journey," Williams said. 

The final weeks of his stay at the hospital included intensive physical therapy.

Family members never doubted Williams would be able to fight through it. 

"I said it from the beginning, they don't know Nick," Williams' fiancé, Emily Netter, said. "I just knew it, deep down."

Williams said it wasn't even raining the day he was struck. Doctors now call him a living miracle. 

"We never know," Williams said. "Appreciate every day that we have at our disposal." 

Thursday is the day Williams and his family have been waiting for, as he'll be released from the hospital. 

Williams said he is looking forward to sleeping in his own bed and eating his favorite foods. 

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