$66 million in cocaine washes up on French beaches


FRANCE – Forget topless beaches, something entirely different has been drawing attention on the sandy shores of France.

Over the past few weeks, nearly $66 million in cocaine and other drugs have washed up on the shores of French beaches as far as 300 miles apart.

The beaches, numbering over a dozen, have been closed to keep people from attempting to take the drugs. A 17-year-old was already caught attempting to take one of the cocaine packages, FOX News reports.

Officials are concerned about individuals taking the cocaine as it has been tested as being 83 percent pure.

"It's a very pure product that must not be consumed in this form because there is a very high risk of overdose," said French prosecutor Philippe Astruc.

It is believed the cocaine is from South America and was tossed overboard when the ship carrying the drugs sailed into a storm.

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