Video footage captures crooks breaking into warehouse businesses in Broward

Crooks damage warehouse businesses, don't appear to steal anything

MIRAMAR, Fla. – Video footage captured some would-be burglars breaking into several businesses in Miramar.

The twist is that they didn't take anything. But they sure left behind a lot of damage. 

The crooks were clearly after something, but exactly what they were looking for is still a mystery. 

Business owner Geno Paolini says it happened Sunday just before midnight.

"(They) cut the drywall on my side and then kicked the drywall on the other side," he said.

Four men broke into several warehouse businesses on Hiatus Road and the Turnpike.

They came equipped with a tool called a grinder.

First, they broke through the fence off the highway and smashed their way through a window. 

They cut their way through multiple walls, even cutting the wires to the alarm systems.

One of them is seen in the footage crawling into an aviation marketing business.

Using a headlight, the crook is clearly looking for something.

"I don't think they got anything, to be honest with you," Paolini said. 

Anyone with information is urged to contact Broward Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS (8477). 

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