Here’s how to turn annoying robocalls into cash for you


CHICAGO – Tired of those neverending robocalls that always come at the worst times? Well, now there’s a way for you to profit off them and make some cold, hard cash.

As most of us know, except for those ne’er do wells who foist them upon us, robocalls are extremely annoying. The Federal Trade Commission says it has received more than 3.7 million complaints about robocalls in the last year, KABC reports.

But now there’s a legal way to make money every time you receive a robocall.

Since it is illegal for businesses to call a cell phone using an auto-dialer without the user’s permission, the companies owe you no less than $500, and $1,500 if your phone is on the National Do Not Call Registry.

There’s even a book titled “Turning Robocalls Into Cash” that explains how it’s all done.

“There’s three parts to it. You’ve got to actually take the call,” says the book’s author, Doc Compton. “You’re going to pull some information from them that’s going to allow you to then track them and decipher who it is that’s contacting you.”

After that, you simply fill out a template and submitting the form.

To qualify, you’ll need to have been called twice by the same company within the same year. Plus, you’ll have to sue to get your money, BUT Compton says most companies simply settle after receiving the complaint.

An HR recruiter in Chicago tried it out and received a nice gift.

“To my surprise, I came home one day and I got this check for $2,500,” said Tiana Williams.