Man accused in South Florida terror attack plot appears in federal court

Salman Rashid faces 20 years in prison if convicted

MIAMI – A local man accused of trying to carry out a terror plot appeared in a South Florida courtroom Wednesday.

Salman Rashid is accused of trying to contact members of ISIS in order to conduct a terror attack.

His family members and public defender left the federal courthouse refusing to comment on the case.

Rashid faces 20 years in prison if convicted in his federal trial.

According to the FBI, agents started investigating Rashid in 2018 after he made Facebook posts about overthrowing democracy and establishing Islamic law.

Rashid was suspended from Miami-Dade College for stalking and threatening a woman there.

He then enrolled at Broward College and was expelled once they found out about what happened at Miami-Dade.

Investigators said Rashid’s Facebook account was full of hateful posts against women, Jews and people who he claimed mistreated Muslims.

Court documents show Rashid reached out to someone online in May, who he may have believed was a member of ISIS, to conduct a terror attack and kill the deans of the two colleges he was removed from.

That source was actually with the FBI.

That special agent even met with Rashid in person and recorded their conversation, in which Rashid told the agent where to place bombs.

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