Vacationers return from cruise to find vehicles burglarized in Miami

24 vehicles broken into on top floor of downtown Miami parking garage

MIAMI – It wasn't a happy Thanksgiving for some vacationers who returned from a cruise Thursday morning to find their vehicles burglarized at a downtown Miami parking garage.

A woman told Local 10 News that 24 vehicles were reported to have burglarized.

"It's not what I want to wake up to when I get off a cruise after being relaxed," one of the victims said. "Now I need a cruise again to go relax."

The vacationers returned from their Bahamas cruise to find out that their vehicles parked at the top of a garage on Southwest First Street were broken into.

"People lost a lot of stuff," one man said.

Many of the victims told Local 10 they were misled by the parking attendants to think it was a secure place to leave their vehicles while they were on their cruise.

“They ensured us that this is an OK place to park for the cruises, that people have parked here before,” a woman said.

The vehicle owners were filing police reports, unsure if they would be compensated for their losses and damages.

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