Be fry-tened as America faces french fry shortage

See these french fries? You may not see them for long.
See these french fries? You may not see them for long. (Pixabay)

MIAMI – The horror of a burger without french fries may soon become reality and America needs to learn how to deal... quick!

Rainy, cold conditions this year could lead to a serious french fry shortage in the U.S.; and if the weather wasn’t bad enough, our neighbors to the north could be playing a part in the fry dearth.

Bad weather damaged potato crops in Idaho, North Dakota, Minnesota and locations across Canada, reports Yahoo! Finance. The potatoes that survived are smaller, which aren’t good for french fry production.

The numbers from the U.S. Department of Agriculture aren’t good. In a November report, the agency said domestic potato output will drop to the lowest numbers since 2010, down 5.5% in Idaho alone.

On top of all the bad production news, Canadians are suddenly awaking to the joy of the french fry. Fries becoming increasingly popular in the Great White North which only depletes the already small supply.