2 men allegedly rape woman, start fighting in front yard

Victim says doors, windows locked, abuse took place for half hour

Yovany Eduardo Veral Lorenzo and Yandri Lopez Macaya were arrested Saturday after they allegedly broke into a woman's home and took turns raping her. (WPLG)

MARATHON, Fla. – Two men were arrested early Saturday after they broke into a woman’s home and sexually assaulted her. When police arrived, they found the two men fighting each other in the victim’s front yard. One man was armed with a bat.

Yandri Lopez Macaya, 40, and Yovany Eduardo Veral Lorenzo, 45, both of Marathon, were charged with sexual assault and burglary with assault or battery.

Deputies responded to the 200 block of 39th Street when a call came in about a burglary in progress.

The 32-year-old victim told detectives she went to bed at midnight and suddenly woke up with one of two unknown men on top of her. She stated the two men took turns raping her for approximately 30 minutes while she tried to fight them off. She kicked one of the men, which caused him to fall from the bed and break a floorboard. The victim used the broken floorboard to strike the other suspect in the face. The female victim was able to escape from the home to a nearby gas station where she asked the clerk to call 911.

Rosary Ponce, a detective with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit, said both suspects had injuries consistent with the victim’s story. Similarly, the residence showed signs of the struggle the victim reported. Detectives found the broken floorboard in the bedroom and said forced entry was obtained through a locked window and door, which were pried open.

A clerk at the nearby gas station said she had seen the men an hour before the attack in the area of 41st Street as she was leaving for work. She told police the two men attempted to “flirt with her” and called her “baby girl.”

Detectives have not determined why the suspects were fighting each other after the victim ran for help.

Both men were arrested and face multiple charges.

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