Deputies: Florida woman goes on rampage with rollerblade after fight with boyfriend

Florida woman accused of vandalizing boyfriend's work truck
Florida woman accused of vandalizing boyfriend's work truck (Courtesy Charlotte County Sheriff's Office)

PUNTA GORDA, Fla. – A Florida woman was arrested after deputies say she went on a rampage with a rollerblade. Deputies say it all started when 26-year-old Kristina Donis and her boyfriend got into argument on Friday night.

Witnesses say Donis got so angry that she smashed her boyfriend’s work truck with a rollerblade, destroying the truck’s windshield and side window. The truck was so badly damaged that it needed thousands of dollars in repairs.

Nadine Frederique witnessed it all. “She goes to the Xfinity truck and she starts smashing the window. I was just like, nah this can’t be real, this can’t be real,” said Frederique.

When the victim heard what was happening, he went outside, and deputies say Donis started slapping and hitting him. The victim says Donis also hit his car.

She then took off, but Charlotte County deputies found her later at her home and arrested her. She was charged with the leaving the scene of a crash involving property damage.

The victim says Donis apologized after bonding out of jail, and said she is going to pay for the damages.

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