3 S. Fla. children credited with stopping attempted kidnapping of 4-year-old boy

David Moore arrested after attempted kidnapping

MIAMI - Three children are being credited with stopping the attempted kidnapping of a 4-year-old boy in Miami.

The incident happened near N.W. 14th Street and N.W. 4th Avenue in Miami.

According to police, Brandon Mincy was playing outside when the suspect, 39-year-old David Moore, grabbed him and said "God told me to take him. God told me that he's coming with me."

"He had big eyes. He scary," said Brandon said.

Brandon's 7-year-old cousin, A-Nari Taylor, stepped in to help, kicked and punched Moore and got him to let go.

"I had to fight the man so he would let Brandon go," A-Nari said.

Moore took off on foot, but police later caught up with him and arrested him.

Moore is charged with attempted kidnapping, false imprisonment and criminal mischief. He was jailed with no bond.

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