5 More Arrested In Fatal Brinks Truck Robbery

Police: Brinks Messenger Fatally Shot In Head

MIRAMAR, Fla. - Five people were arrested Friday morning in connection with a Brinks truck robbery during which a man was killed last year.

The FBI said Terrance Brown, 38, and Laquisha Dansby, 34, both of Miami Gardens; Toriano "Slick" Johnson, 34, of North Miami; Daryl Davis, 45, of Miami; and Hasam Williams, 35, of Miramar, were arrested about 6 a.m. in connection with the Oct. 1, 2010, crime.

According to an indictment, Brinks guard Alejandro Nodarse Arencibia, 48, was on his way into a Bank of America at 7950 Miramar Parkway just before noon that day to deliver $397,500 when two gunmen approached him. Police said one of the men, later identified as Nathaniel Moss, shot the guard in the head, while his accomplice, later identified by the street name "Soldier," stole a money bag.

Police said the pair escaped, and surveillance videos showed Soldier getting into the front passenger seat of a Toyota Camry with the money bag. The car, which police later discovered had been stolen, went through the parking lot of a nearby strip mall, where it crashed into a trash bin, but when officers arrived, Soldier was gone.

Moss was found in some bushes near where the car crashed. A witness reported seeing two men getting into a Honda Civic, which also had been reported stolen, near the area where Moss was found. Police said that car was found abandoned about a mile from the robbery scene with its engine still running.

Investigators said they found a Brinks courier bag holding $395,000 inside the Camry. The additional $2,500 was found outside the bank.

Police said Moss admitted to the robbery and shooting and also implicated Brown, Johnson and Davis.

Moss told police that Brown had planned the robbery, as well as a previous robbery attempt two weeks before, according to the indictment. Police said the men did not complete the earlier robbery because they heard there were lots of officers in the area because of a car crash.

Johnson and Davis were lookouts on the day of the heist, police said. Federal investigators said the group met at Davis's home to plan the heist.

Investigators said that while Williams and Dansby were involved, their roles were minor in comparison.

Brown faced charges in an armored car robbery in South Carolina in 2004. He pleaded to lesser charges and served very little time.

The suspects arrested Friday are expected to face federal charges and appear in federal court Monday.

The search for the man known as Soldier continues.

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