911 Call: 'I Accidentally Shot My Father'

Son Faces Murder Charge In Commissioner's Death

MIAMI - A 911 call made by a South Miami teenager accused of killing his father, a city commissioner, was released to the public Thursday.

Jason Beckman, 17, is accused of first-degree premeditated murder in the shooting of his father, South Miami Commissioner Jay Beckman, in April.

"Please come quickly. I accidentally shot my father," Beckman said in the 911 call, just moments after his father was shot. "I accidentally shot my father. He was taking a bath and he was going to show me how to use the gun."

The release of Beckman's 911 call from that night is a blow to the public defender representing him.

The attorney argued unsuccessfully Thursday that the statements he made to police and his 911 call should not be released because, he said, they would hurt Beckman's right to a fair trial.

But the judge disagreed and allowed the call to be released.

"We stated our case. The judge ruled against us. We object at this point, but there's really nothing we can do," said public defender Lourdes Simon.

In his statements to detectives, Beckman admitted that he told people he wanted to kill his father but said he was only joking, that other teenagers say the same things about their parents.

Beckman's trial is scheduled for January.

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